Parts and Accessories for the HVAC Industry


Some of the products that we manufacture are unique to the market. Some of our products are redesigned versions of those already on the market. These redesigned products reflect design modifications that make them easier to use.


Mitco's Research and Development Department has pioneered a number of groundbreaking products that have become staples of the industry. The Central Supply Pumper System is an exclusive Mitco innovation. It is used to supply oil to remote or suspended commercial heating units.


The Electronic Ignitor Tester is designed to test electronic ignitor in a safe and non-invasive fashion.  You simply place the tester on the electronic ignitor and activate the appliance.  If the ignitor is operating properly  the red light will flash.  This tester can be used on all electronic ignitors as well as those on Riello gas and oil burners.


The Air Vent is another item from Afriso.  This unit allows for automatic bleeding of air from a system.  This quick acting air vent comes standard with a self-sealing removable universally threaded for both 1/8” and 1/4” NPT check valve.


The Universal String Gauge is for use on vertical or horizontal tanks.  The gauge comes supplied with a reversible scale with readings of 0-24” of 0-42”.


The 3/K-2 Flow Control II automatic fuel oil de-aerator represents state-of-the-art technology and is manufactured in accordance with all safety regulations and is subject to factory testing. It provides superior flow characteristics over earlier and competitive de-aerators. A second chamber and a third float double seal the vessel. It comes with the industry's highest possible bio-fuel rating: B100. TUV tested #V132 2007 V1, It has a five year warranty. Operating Instructions


The Pump Testing Manifold was developed out of the necessity to have one tool to test all pumps.  You now can do pressure and vacuum testing with one tool similar in looks to an AC manifold tester, in its own carrying case with complete instructions.  This tester not only tests domestic pumps but comes with adapters to test Riello pumps as well.


Our most successful product innovation is the Micro-Flow Oil Filter. The Micro-Flow element was developed in reaction to technician complaints that old-style felt filters shed fibers that created nozzle and strainer blockages ultimately affecting burner operation and causing nuisance callbacks. Micro-Flow's continuous spun fiber is non-shedding, lasts longer and has greater volume capacity than other elements. See how the Mitco-Flow Performs.


Our most successful product innovation is the Supply Pumper System. The Supply Pumper system is used to supply fuel oil to one or more burners where high lift or remote conditions preclude the burners drawing directly from the main storage tank. It uses a special high lifting Motorized Transfer Pump (MTP) to move the oil from the main storage tank to a small supply tank located near the burner(s). A diaphragm pressure switch that senses the quantity of oil in the supply tank controls the MTP. Any foam created by subjecting oil to high vacuum is separated in the supply tank. The burners are fed by gravity from the bottom of the supply tank thereby insuring a constant supply of clear, foam free oil. P239-1 Instructions.

Mitco means business. Your success ensures our success. We offer certain hardware items in large, medium and small packaging quantities. Buy and use only what you need or buy in larger quantities and enjoy volume pricing.

Mitco's future is dependent on what happens in the HVAC/R service industry. As the world and technology change, we will develop new products keeping our customers current.

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